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Who we are…

Beth Coyle and Gary Coyle are master educators with a combined 50+ years of educational experience (both classroom and administrative) in a variety of public, private and international schools. Our skills, knowledge and experiences in partnership with you will move your program forward.

Beth Coyle

Teacher, Principal, Consultant

Beth has 25+ years of experience in both elementary and middle school classrooms and as a middle school administrator. She has experience in public and international schools.

Most recently, Beth was the Middle School Principal at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India. During her 14 year tenure, she shifted the student leadership model from a traditional student council to a progressive and inclusive model that provided opportunity for all students and led the change to standards based grading and reporting.

Gary Coyle

Teacher, Director of Technology, Consultant

Gary has spent over 25 years working in both elementary and middle school classrooms and as a PK-12 administrator. He has experience in public, private and international schools.

Most recently, Gary was the Director of Technology at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India. During his tenure, he helped grow the first 1-1 iPad programs in Asia, created dedicated makerspaces in each of the school’s divisions, and provided professional learning experiences that supported creativity and innovation among the faculty.

A few things we are great at…

We can help you grow your thinking and move forward. We have led successful change in schools on a variety of topics including:

Shifting to standards based grading and reporting.

Integrating technology in balanced, authentic and intentional ways.

Developing a culture of thinking in your school.

Creating an inclusive student leadership model.

Moving from a traditional stand alone technology program to an integrated 1:1 model.

Cultivating a maker mindset and developing makerspaces.

What we can provide…

We serve US based and international K-12 schools and systems, teachers and parents by providing engaging, inspiring, progressive professional learning services and experiences grounded in research and successful implementation.

Consulting (Visioning, planning and change)

Are you looking to: -Think about issues from a fresh perspective? -Tap expertise and ideas outside of your organization? -Think creatively and innovatively about your organization’s future? -Accelerate change in your organization? -Move beyond the status quo? We can help you activate curiosity, grow thinking and move forward.!

Professional Learning Workshops

We are teachers and life-long learners who know the importance of ongoing professional growth. We work with you to create and deliver engaging and inspiring professional learning experiences, grounded in research and successful implementation, that will move you forward.

Speaking Engagements

From conference keynotes to smaller, intimate presentations, we know the power of working with educators in person. We will work with you and your organization to create a presentation or workshop that will meet your needs.

Parent Workshops

We love working with parents. Over the course of our careers, we have created and led a variety of hands-on, engaging parent coffees, workshops, meetings about change and family events. A particular area of strength for us is working with groups of parents or families on the challenges of parenting in the digital age.

Technology Audits

Is your school looking to take the next step with educational technology or evaluate your current program? We can help by analysing your infrastructure and instructional environment. After an in depth analysis, we will create a gap analysis and formulate a proposal to help you move forward.

Virtual Presentations & Webinars

If an in-person speaking engagement doesn’t work for your budget or schedule, We can also collaborate via virtual presentations or webinars. Like the in-person speaking option, this can be a standard presentation, customized or a Q&A.

Our recent work…

Conference presentations, professional learning workshops for teachers and presentations for parents are just some of the projects that we are working on.

Engaging Learners with Design Thinking

How can we help our students develop as creative thinkers and problem solvers? This is a fundamental question and one that faculty at the Lyme School in New Hampshire were determined to answer. In early July, we worked with a core group of Lyme teachers and spent a week taking a deep dive into understanding the power design thinking and how it can be used across grade levels and content areas. During the course of our week together, the teachers participated in a wide variety of hands on design thinking activities, deepened thinking in their classrooms using visible thinking routines, and gained experience facilitating design thinking experiences with their students using a lab model.

One of the best outcomes was the opportunity to help teachers shift their thinking about their practice. In a reflective exercise during the workshop week, one teacher shared, “I used to think that I still needed to be “in charge” of the thinking process and that as a teacher, I needed to provide strict structure.  But now I think that it is perfectly ok to give myself and my students freedom to think and come up with creative solutions and different ways of thinking, that they can be in charge of their own thinking!”

Professional Learning at Holy Family Catholic School

Beth and Gary have recently had the pleasure of leading professional learning workshops with the faculty at Holy Family Catholic School in Arcadia, Wisconsin. After surveying teacher needs, we worked collaboratively with the administration to craft workshops that focused on ways to explore formative assessment and enhance literacy instruction across the content areas through the balanced, authentic and intentional use of technology. These sessions featured professional readings, peer dialogue, the use of thinking routines and hands-on experiences with technology tools.

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Cultivating a Maker Mindset in Your Middle School (and Classroom)

A Maker Mindset embodies many things we value in a middle school: curiosity, reflection, empathy, empowerment and a growth mindset.  In this interactive presentation at ELMLE Amsterdam, Beth and Gary shared the process they facilitated at the American Embassy School – New Delhi which resulted in teachers and students embracing the maker movement and developing a maker mindset as a part of the school’s culture of thinking. This session was a mix of reflection, visioning, sharing of resources and Q&A in which attendees left with a pathway for facilitating maker based change in their school or classroom.

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Moving to Inclusive Student Leadership

All students should have the opportunity to see themselves as leaders. Anchored in this core belief, Beth and Colleen Coady led a student-centered discussion-based session at ELMLE Amsterdam which left participants with new insights and ideas on how to expand opportunities for student leadership. Beth and Colleen shared their highly successful and empowering student leadership model that offers leadership opportunities for ALL students, teaches applicable leadership skills, gives students a voice, and creates a culture of stewardship and community building. Attendees left this session with an abundance of ideas to help their prepare students to meet the leadership challenges of a rapidly changing world.

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What People Have to Say…

Below are a few things people have to say about working with us. If you would like more detailed references we can provide them.

“In a forty plus year administrative career serving overseas and in US public schools, I’ve never worked with two more creative, inspiring, competent and caring educators than Beth and Gary Coyle. Whenever and wherever they are involved with teachers and kids wonderful things happen and learning takes place at the highest levels. You will never regret the decision to bring them into your school.”

Bob Hetzel
School Director

“Gary and Beth Coyle are dynamic team builders and transformative educators and leaders. Gary is a very effective change agent, able to translate a big picture vision into realistic and manageable steps, resulting in enhanced thinking and learning for students. Beth brings energy, enthusiasm and empowerment in creating a culture that supports both students and faculty in being the best they can be. Gary and Beth’s presentation style is participatory and engaging. They have much to offer any school committed to continuous improvement.”

Susan Young
School Principal

“Beth and Gary Coyle are dynamic educators.  They combine a breadth of classroom and administrative experience in international and U.S. public schools with a passion for student learning.  Beth and Gary are driven to share educational best practice with teachers and administrators around the globe.  They garner attention due to their enthusiasm and practical suggestions.  They prove effective because they share and listen.”    

Paul Chmelik
School director

“Beth and Gary empower educators to create meaningful change. Their coaching provided  me with strategies that were accessible, effective and easily implemented, and that supported me in “being the change I wanted to see” and in building positive culture in my school.”

Colleen Coady
Middle School Counselor 
International School Bangkok

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